Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Fish on...uh...oh well...fish.

OK, so it's the wrong day to jump back on the bandwagon that started a'rollin' on EVK4 and Proper Course when Joe Rouse at Horse's Mouth went on vacation & left the fellas feeling piscatorially deprived (and me under siege by people who want me to buy a Laser, but that's a different story). However I have got big plans for this Friday and next Friday* and I've been doing this long enough to know that if I think I want to post something, I have to post it when I think of it or I never get back to it. So it's Fish on Wednesday or no fish at all and...well, check out that fish. Full details over at Wenley's place. Oh, and btw, for anyone who found Tillerman's attempt at helping out on the simultaneous wahine woes to be less than adequate...next time Joe's away, if you are truly in need of a fix, Wenley's site might be worth perusing.

I'm not saying I approve or anything like that. Tsk tsk.

PS Big plans=September's postponed-due-to-communications-SNAFU Lake Champlain run happens this weekend & then me & my honey are off for a li'l R&R in RI the following - hooray for drysuits & off-season vacation house rental rates!

pps I can't believe I only got ONE comment on my poem! Didn't it make you cry?

ppps...wait, perhaps that wasn't how I wanted to phrase that question. Oh well. I'll let it stand.

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