Sunday, October 14, 2007

For Steve's Uncle Hugh in the UK!

Just back from the long-awaited trip to Plattsburgh, which was both a nice catch-up with an old friend & also a very good addition to my working towards 2-star coach status - picked up some good ideas, particularly on that bear, Teaching the Forward Stroke, but also in general. Totally worth the trip.

I left with the distinct impression that Steve's Uncle Hugh might enjoy seeing a couple of the pictures I took while I was up there - enjoy!

A couple of Steve's students earning, if not extra credit, at least a ton of good karma points (anybody out there ever figure out how to trade in karma points for at least a cup of coffee?):

Speaking of karma points - the construction material they're using here is interesting - it's called Rastra. These blocks are made out of recycled polysterene, weighs about 150 lbs. and provide insulation. They get stacked & "laced" together with rebar, then all the holes get filled with concrete for strength & solidity.

A couple of shots of the house so far - basement & garage -

And here's Melissa with their Tiny Home - temporary living until the house is finished enough for a Certificate of Occupancy, at which point the Tiny Home becomes the Tiny Guest House - nice little place, isn't it?

And here, for everyone else, is some foliage, which was SPECTACULAR up there. It was cloudy in the morning & early afternoon, but things cleared up a while after I took these at one of the I-87 rest stops & the hillsides were just jaw-droppingly gorgeous. It was actually a good thing that I had decided to borrow one of Melissa & Steve's kayaks because I swear I would have ended up pulling over somewhere or other up there to go paddling if I had my Romany with me, and if I'd done that I'd probably be just approaching the GWB right about now, with a stop at the club to drop off the boat before I got home, instead of approaching turning in with the sand all rinsed off my gear & stuff all spread out drying.

Plus Melissa let me try her Qaarsut, which I really enjoyed - fun boat.

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