Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost from Yonkers (updated)

Here's the view from the Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club.

Went to the meeting last night.

Should have stood up & said something I guess - one of the things the pro-tower speakers kept saying was "We don't have anything worth visiting, so we have to build big towers so we can have a Starbucks". Well, I live in Brooklyn, and I've spent a lot of happy hours in Yonkers, the YPRC being the draw, and this river being the YPRC's raison d'etre.

But I let my stage fright win out.

The sad thing is that the first thing you used to see when you got off the train in Yonkers was an even better view of this incredible vista.

Now you see "SoYo".

As advertised on all the finest garbage cans in Grand Central Station.

But gee, I guess getting a Starbucks is worth a few little sacrifices.

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