Friday, February 01, 2008

Marcus Demuth at the Sebago Canoe Club 2/9/08

Quick post before I vanish for the weekend -

I just wanted to mention that Marcus Demuth, one of my friends from the Pier 63 days & probably the most adventurous of the group I used to refer to collectively as "The Adventure Squad", is going to be giving a slide show of some of his recent kayak adventures at the Sebago Canoe Club next week Saturday, the 9th of February. It's bound to be a lot of fun & if you've ever been curious about this club I talk about so much, well, this'll be a great chance to see it.

Here's the announcement Stevie (who set this up) sent to the Sebago Yahoo group:

For those armchair kayak expedition types or anyone interested in extreme sea kayaking, Marcus Demuth will be at Sebago Canoe Club, Saturday Feb 9th at 6:00PM, to give a talk about his past and future expeditions.

He recently completed a solo sea kayak circumnavigation of Ireland. And has done extended trips in Patagonia, Australia and Nova Scotia, to name
a few.

He is in the planning stage of an extended trip to circumnavigate the Alexander Archipelago, Alaska.
He also came in first place in his class in the past two NYC Mayors Cup races.

It will be informal, bring drink and snacks to share.

Even if it is cold out, the new stove will keep it toasty warm.

The duck will not be there, but perhaps a brown-bear intimidation demonstration will be done with the Sebago teddy bear (much smaller than the brown bears Marcus may see on his Alaska trip, but a fine strapping specimen of ursus rooseveltus). And the photos will be spectacular.

Unfortunately I can't make it. I'll be with the duck. Swimming. In Connecticut.

I was referring to the cold water workshop the Small Boat Shop holds once a year. There's a presentation, and then they let you suit up & jump off the dock. Woohoo! It's a tough call but it's such a good chance to swim in genuinely cold water in full winter gear in very controlled conditions & that's a great safety exercise. We practice all the rescue exercises all the time so we know how it feels when we need 'em to work - this is another chance to really see how it feels.

Plus it just sounds like fun. Truth be known, if it was just that serious stuff, I'd probably pick the slide show. But I wanna go swimming.

I'd wanted to do this last year but there was some insurmountable conflict & I'd been sort of set on doing it this year.

I am going to be missing an excellent evening at Sebago, though. Really.

Directions to the club can be foundhere.

(ps speaking of the duck...I know I use this picture every time I mention Marcus's name. I do love it but I was ready to use a new one tonight. I really tried to get another one from his website but for some reason the old gray Dell is not feeling up to retrieving pictures tonight, so...hello, ducky!

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