Monday, February 25, 2008

Oysters for J-Bay, and The Boat I Didn't Roll!

Thank you Jack (of New York By Jack) for sending a good Times article about efforts that are underway to seed oysters to help clean up Jamaica Bay. Very cool. I hope that people are not daft enough to steal them to sell them - aside from the fact that I wouldn't want to eat a Jamaica Bay filter feeder, the critters have got a very important job to do.

That's probably all I'll have time for today - going to another meeting tonight, this one's a fun one, more on that later - but the oyster article is too neat to not share.

ps ok, can't resist mentioning one thing that will make the kayakers laugh & confuse everybody else - this Sunday, in my continuing quest (well, it's not a real quest, just a theme that seems to be emerging this winter) to roll as many different kinds of boats in one winter as possible, I finally asked the owner of a Feathercraft K-1 if I could try rolling her boat.

It actually cracked me up how totally, completely and profoundly I failed. The thing hardly budged. I didn't think it would be easy but I was sort of amazed at how solidly the boat said "No".

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