Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rosie's Telling Stories - and gets Roared!

Taking a break from the Yonkers trio of posts.

Rosie at Smokey Mountain Breakdown is celebrating February as "Short & Sweet Story Month". I've been really enjoying it & Friday's minim opus, where she managed to work the story theme into her usual Food Porn Friday theme, was particularly delicious!


Oh yes, and I'm "Roaring" her.

I got Roared myself recently by The Ancient One (Blessed Be He). We were led to each other's blogs by the one & only BillyBlogger, who is T.A.O.'s son and who was a classmate of mine back in Hawaii.

I don't want to do the whole explanation of roaring right now, you can read it on The Ancient One & I will do the full thing one of these days. This post was just going to be a quick one, I'd clicked on SMB as supposedly the last bit of online fun/procrastination before I got on with achieving the day's goals (those being pernil, split pea soup and a clean apartment), but then I loved the story & decided to post a link. As I was doing that, it hit me that she's one of the people I'd planned to Roar (part of the deal with getting Roared is that you then get to Roar five other people), so I just figured I'd get a little head start on that!

Hope the Shameless Lions don't mind!

I'll probably be off for the rest of the weekend - what are my plans for the next 2 days of our 3-day weekend?

Why, paddling and more paddling! Yay!

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