Monday, July 28, 2008

And speaking of paddlers in major media -

Check this out!

I'd heard rumors about this folk musician who'd taken to touring by canoe after the rising price of gas caused touring by Corolla to no longer be a break-even proposition.

Pete Seeger should adopt this guy.

And as gas keeps rising, and I swear I see fewer & fewer motorboats out on the bay, and more and more people just hanging out on their boats in their slips in the Paerdegat, I keep thinking we should do a promotion for Sebago where we print up flyers -

Marine diesel prices got you down?

Why not try a kayak?

Come paddle your blues away with your neighbors at the

Sebago Canoe Club!

Then we get a bunch of paddlers together for a 2 am mission to leave one of these on the windscreen of every powerboat in the Paerdegat.


P.S. - Y'know that City of Water Day that I missed? Great review this morning on the Sebago Canoe Club blog, by Shari-without-the-blue-hat.

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