Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ask Your NY Waterfront Questions on the NYTimes CityRoom BLOG!

Anyone out there have any questions about the NYC waterfront?

I talk about it a lot, but largely through my hat, or at least from the limited perspective of one individual recreational boating hobbyist.

Y'know the Waterfront Alliance, the group that was behind the City of Water Day I had to miss in the end?

Well, their president, Roland Lewis? He knows about a million times more about the state of the waterfront than me, and this week, he's is taking questions about the use of New York City's waterfront this week in the New York Times' CityRoom blog. Ask away!

BTW I'm going to be scarce for a bit - tons of work, plus (yikes) it's this weekend & next I'm off to AKT in pursuit (cross fingers for me please) of my L1 coaching certification under the new BCU scheme, Thursday & Friday night I take CPR (pre-requisite for the coach certification, nothing like leaving it 'til literally the night before...), that means tonight & tomorrow for attempting to get my act & my gear together. Fortunately since I guided last weekend, and then chose against getting myself electrocuted in a dinghy on Sunday, all that stuff's already at home. Just a bit disorganized.

Wish me luck & a couple of full nights' sleeps...

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