Saturday, July 05, 2008

Gotta get my camera fixed...

I have to get my camera fixed. It's working fine, it's just not waterproof following a slight mishap with the battery compartment door.

Went out on my surfski to get my week's 10 miles in. still been managing to achieve that - almost let myself off the hook this week because it's just been a very rough week and last weekend was very active even if I wasn't paddling myself. But then I decided that the fact that I really just wanted to go home & be a lump after a couple hours of gardening was probably a really good indicator that I needed to get my okole out there. I was slow but I'm glad I went.

And what does that have to do with the camera?

Well, the last time I wasn't packing my camera, I finally saw the elusive Norwalk Harbor Trans-Atlantic Rowboat.

Sure enough, this time, being on my surfski & paddling a stretch I've already taken a million pictures, I didn't even think twice about leaving the camera behind. Naturally, I then saw this li'l number. Just sitting at a dock waiting, but still fun to see.

Plus there a rainbow, and another very fine sunset. But eh, everybody knows what THOSE look like.

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