Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Ad - Bad Ad

Seen in Soho, morning of Thursday, July 24th. I thought this was about the cutest publicity stunt I've ever seen. It's Shark Week! *TWEET TWEET!* "Miss, Sir, be careful! There are sharks in the crosswalk! TWEEEET! Watch out, strong rip tide this week! Please swim quickly through the crosswalk! Look out for the sharks!" Pure enthusiastic silliness. Nice to have a good giggle on the way to work!

On the other hand - how's this for a bad ad???? :D

The tag on the waist says "24.99". Sorry, it could be twenty-four CENTS. I'm not buyin' it! Spotted Wednesday, July 23rd, at the South Street Seaport. More on what I was doing there, instead of at work in Soho, later (if I get home early enough)!

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