Tuesday, July 22, 2008

City of Water Day - Saturday, 7/26/08

I didn't post about it when I first started hearing about it because Saturday, July 26th seemed SOOOOOOO far away then.

Now...holy cow...that's this Saturday.

Busy day, no time to explain the whole shindig myself but you can read all about this celebration of our city's relationship with her waterways here!. In town & looking for something to do on Saturday? Come on out to Governor's Island and join the fun!

(I just wish Harry was going to be there again)

Me, there's a good chance I will be paddling there from Jamaica Bay. The club's taking a trailer of boats there for members to paddle from Valentino Pier, which means that those of us who want to go from the club only have to go one way - which means that we can hang out & enjoy the festivities a lot longer, without worrying about catching the current for the ride back home. Pretty fancy, huh?

I can't quite believe that in all my time on the water in NYC, I've STILL never been to Governor's Island. Just somehow has always been one of those things I think would be fun, but never have time. I swear, I get myself so overbooked sometimes that if I tried to carpe diem, I'd just end up with a dislocated shoulder.

Well, at least I'm never bored!

Thanks to the Waterfront Alliance for putting this on!

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