Friday, February 27, 2009

Good News, Bad Poetry and Fish on Friday

Awright, here's quick lunchtime post to lighten things up a bit!

Good news:

They freed the whale! It was still hurt & weakened but at least its tail isn't tangled up in fishing gear. Can't imagine getting into that cold cold water & going up to a hurt animal that size. Amazing.

Bad Poetry and Fish on Friday -

Yes, it's a two-in-one:


By Me

I wish I had a piece of scrod,
I like it so much more than cod.
A trout's a dandy kind of fish
But scrod is so much more delish.

The golden Koi delights mine eyes
But don't go very well with fries.
For golden feast, think fish of brown,
The humble Scrod of Boston town!

There, is not beautiful?

AND...woohoo...we've got a special bonus atrocious poem by the Ol' Philosopher, one of my new blog-friends (god, I just wrote "blog-friends" with a totally straight face, how big a geek does that make me - oh, PLEASE don't answer that!) from the Malden Yacht Club! He left it on my comments yesterday, it's far too good terrible to let it languish off on Haloscan, such talent must be given a proper spotlight (and PS I bet Ogden Nash would LOVE it). Take it away, Ol'P!

...Maybe I can help by offering some of that atrocious poetry you mentionedThis one is about kayaking in the Hudson in the winter:

The Estuary
(with apologies to Ogden Nash)

The estuary
In January
Is colder than a mortuary
It’s texturary
Is quite contrary
To being a paddler’s sanctuary

But an estuary
In February
With ice, is very sumptuary
Kayaking in this ossuary
Could cause results textuary
In the form of your obituary!

That's all for now!

And speaking of blogfriends - oof, I typed it AGAIN, arrrrggh - I'm actually meeting some of the other NYC boatbloggers tonight - nothing formal, should be fun!


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