Monday, February 02, 2009

Paddlers Survive Repeated Duckings in Icy Norwalk Harbor!

Ha, and how is THAT for an attention-getting title? Not to worry, though, it was all completely intentional - if you missed it, there's a full explanation down a few posts!

Yep, we did the full demo, rolling, assisted rescues & self rescues, and then a bunch of people jumped in & went for a swim, and it was all good educational fun!

Turns out that not having enough space for sea kayaks to manuever was not going to be an issue. There are bubblers and then there are bubblers - Rex Marina's bubblers do some serious agitation of the water. The shop has them run those for a few days before the workshop, they clear the whole slip area - plus the area wasn't quite as locked up as I'd thought it would be. It's more like the Hudson, where the ice comes & goes.

Pictures & more of a writeup tonight - just wanted to confirm that we did do the demo & actually had a great time. Beautiful day - cold, yeah, but that just helps make the point!

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