Saturday, February 14, 2009

Something pointless about the economy. And snow hike pix.

So there I was, getting ready to come in to work. Yes, it's Saturday. I've just had a little too much work to keep up with during normal work hours & a couple of quiet hours at my desk will let me wrap up a few projects that have been almost, but not quite, finished for a little too long now.

The phone rang, and it was an old friend calling to tell me she got laid off this week.

Isn't this just how things are now? You either have too much work, or not enough.

I'm actually genuinely glad I'm in the former category & (knock wood) likely to stay there. I can ride this out where I am. Good place to be & I'm glad I didn't go chasing off after bigger bucks in the finance industry, as I'd thought of doing now & then when things got particularly rocky.

I'm very worried about my friend though. She's got people relying on her. Actually that's true of a number of my friends.

Like I said, there's no real point here. Just hope that things level off before they get much worse.

OK, on a happier note - how 'bout some happy snow hike pictures? TQ & I went to Sleeping Giant State Park up in Hamden the day after the cold water workshop. We'd originally meant to go to the AMC rolling session in Greenwich, but we kinda overslept & anyhow, it was a glorious day for hiking - sunny & much warmer than the day of the cold water thing. Took my camera, of course, here are my favorite pictures from the day:

Let's build a SNOWMAN!

Isn't it interesting the way this bush has sort of little fins growing along its branches?

I'm afraid I don't think the bluejay lived to tell the tale.

We took the Gorge Cascade Trail. Things were pretty slippery, we were doing a lot of "boot-skiing" on steep bits, TQ with great verve, me a little more cautiously. We very specifically picked this one instead of the one that goes up over the top of a quarry - that one's got the best views, but would've been pretty iffy. I was actually hoping for spectacular icicles along here but it was a little too warm. Still pretty nice, though.

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