Thursday, February 26, 2009

Unfortunate news about a whale in Times CityRoom -

Oh, that's really too bad.

Hate reading about that sort of thing, but it's never bad to be reminded of the effects we have on the world. The comments over there are mostly running to "Oh, those terrible fishermen, that poor beautiful whale". Well, yeah, but that sort of thing is also a good reminder to look at one's own habits & say "OK, what can I do better".

Tillerman had posted an interesting-looking list of "non-point source" polluters earlier this week, and talked (quite honestly) about how he's doing personally against all of those, that was an interesting read. All the car and lawn-care related items are sort of n/a for me, but I still fall down a bit more often than I like to admit on some of the more applicable items. Plastic bags are kind of the big bugbear for me - I have this huge bag of plastic bags under my sink; it would be ridiculously easy for me to stick a few in the inside pocket of my jacket when I leave the apartment in the morning & re-use those for small purchases. I told myself I was going to do that when the old big bag of bags under the sink exploded & I had to find a bigger bag to re-stuff em. I'm improving there, but I am still not at 100%.

I did just stop typing for a second to go put some bags in the pocket, figured as long as I'm thinking about it I should actually act, y'know?

More directly related to fishing and fish - I think I picked up one of these sustainable seafood cards at an aquarium once, not doing the planet much good sitting in whatever drawer it ended up in, it's certainly not in my purse where I said I was going to keep it when I picked it up.

Anyways...not trying to have Guilt Day here or anything, just a doing a little entangled-whale-inspired thinking-out-loud here.

Thanks for posting to NYCKayaker, John!

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