Friday, January 30, 2009

A few more Coney Island pictures -

Heading up to CT tomorrow from work, time to pack up the Great Big Bag so no time for much writing tonight. Bit frustrating having a blog a few topics I'd like to write about, and no time in which to actually do any writing, but that's the life I've got. Well, the way things are now, I can't complain about having too much work. I have a decent job & that's a good thing. We're just feeling it like everybody else. Anyhow, in the meantime, here were a few more random Coney Island pictures that I liked from last weekend, and another video snippet (well, this time more of a sound clip that happens to come with a visual component).

An emptying Astroland, with the Astroland Rocket, the Astro Tower, and the Cyclone in the background . It was announced this week that the family that owned Astroland is donating the rocket. It will stay in Coney Island. It will be a fine souvenir.

My favorite Coney Island mermaid, on the side of the Grill House. She doesn't have much competition, though, I always miss the Mermaid Parade for one reason or another, so it's pretty much her & the Cha Cha's mermaid.

Carnival games, that's all, just liked the way the light looked -

Somebody's sad. Usually in NYC, a bouquet tied to a fence like this is left in memory of a departed friend. The picture on the bouquet (you can see it if you click on the picture for the full-screen-plus view) is of the devil that loomed over the Dante's Inferno ride.

The Wonder Wheel isn't going anywhere.

Sound clip with video component:

One thing I always notice when I get off the train at the West 8th street - Coney Island Aquarium stop in the wintertime is that high, hollow tone on that snippet. To me, that's like the signature sound of the place in the off season. I'm pretty sure that the source is the Astro Tower, acting like the world's largest Aeolian harp. Or would it be an Astroaeolian harp? You can't hear it in the summertime over the rattles and shrieks and music and buzzers and bells and all, but whenever the wind is blowing in the wintertime, it sings itself a solo.

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