Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Capt. Brucato's View


Actually, that turned into an interesting discussion in both comments - and he sent this to me too. Loved it. One serious point here - please note the size of the blind spot in front of the barge & the way speedboats occasionally get in there & disappear from view. Beyond that, all I can say is "DAMN, that's cool".

PS - note on the next day: Capt. Brucato added a few more thoughts of his own to his blog. Very nice & I am glad he liked the links (thanks again Jean for the SafeHarbor project)! Click here to read.


Stevie said...

Loved seeing our favorite paddling areas from that view and sped up like that.

Vlad Brezina said...

I came across his time-lapse videos of New York Harbor on YouTube a few years ago..they are great! Especially the ones at night and in weather, such as this one...