Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I like this one too.

IMGP8320 by bkfrogma
IMGP8320, a photo by bkfrogma on Flickr.

Another one from the Norwalk set - tossed them up on Flickr on my lunch break but wouldn't advise visiting the set yet, no time to edit & plus my work terminal is absolutely terrible, plenty good enough for spreadsheets but pictures are murky mysteries. Home computer wouldn't start yesterday & I just couldn't resist a lunch break peek.

Even on the horrible work terminal, I get the idea this one's sort of pretty.


O Docker said...

I like this one, too.

Has some canoe drifted
off in the mist
all by itself
leaving its island behind?

Has some island drifted
off in the mist
all by itself
leaving its canoe behind?

Has one we knew drifted
off to sleep
all by themselves
leaving their someone behind?

And how do we know
if we have drifted
if our canoe has drifted
if our island has drifted
if we are all in the mist?

I like this one, too.

bonnie said...


bonnie said...

would be honored if you wanted to post poem & picture, btw.

Frankie said...

Fabulous! the picture and the poem!

bonnie said...

Oh, Frankie, you remind me that I was going to make this into a post!

Thank you!