Thursday, July 28, 2011

Green Drinks Tonight In Queens!

Yes, it's time for another gathering of ecologically-minded thirsty people! Tonight's event is in Queens, and it's a Blue/Green Drinks Night, hosted by the Long Island City Boathouse, the NYC Watertrail Association (whose leaders seriously deserve a drink after all the work they did keeping area paddlers informed during last week's unhappy events that began with the fire at the North River Sewage Treatment Plant and then literally overflowed - YUCK! - to outfalls all over the city) and Green Shores NYC.

Full details here!

PS - Meanwhile - what the HECK happened in Gerritsen Beach???? is saying it's the fire again, but given the updates that Nancy's been posting assiduously over at The NYC Water Trail Web, that just doesn't make any sense.

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