Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ugly Ugly NYC Air.

Ugh...the air is brown. Reminds me of when I was a kid & we'd come to the NJ the summertime to visit my maternal grandparents. My mom's folks lived in Basking Ridge, and we'd fly into Newark, and the air would be this same ugly color. Basking Ridge was a good long drive - the air could still be thick but it would've lost the tint, and we'd sit out on their great big back porch eating fresh Jersey peaches, tomatoes and corn - but first there was always the smog.

Another photo taken from the coolness of my cubicle in the middle of SoHo, btw!


JP said...

The good news is that the air quality in London is ok as the rain has washed a lot of the gunk out.

The bad news is the rain means the sewers will have overflowed again and so no doubt the bubbler will be on its way to Putney

I am not paddling this evening.

Baydog said...

Unfortunately, many people who've never been to New Jersey think it's all like Newark airport and oil refineries.

bonnie said...

Look, Newark is hotter than anywhere else in the area!