Friday, January 06, 2012

Choices, Choices!

oh, dear...Sunday's another warm and not-too-windy day, could be another sailing day, except that it's a low water at noon kinda day which means a) there will be about 10 gallons of water in Jamaica Bay and b) that's absolutely perfect conditions to paddle out to Dead Horse Bay for a little beachcombing...shoot...extra torn because I somehow managed to do enough sailing (and blogging about sailing) in 2011 to make the Proper Course Top 9 SAILING Blogs list so now I feel like I should go sailing.

Check it out!

Funny thing was, after the totally paddlecentric summer that followed getting recertified as a kayak instructor, I was actually feeling a little bummed out 'cause I thought 2011 was going to be the year that I only got out for a proper sail once. That was before I decided to suck it up and try the Fall dinghy racing series again, though - I'd been so awful in 2010 that I almost didn't want to, but I ended up being really glad I got back on the horse. Or the fish, as the case was.

p.s. - As evidenced by my new profile shot, I have officially let my inclusion on a sailing blog list go to my head! :D

no, seriously, I was going to put up my self-portrait from that fantastic December sail that Holly & I took. I'd saved it as "Sailing", though, and when I went in to upload it, I ran across this one that I'd saved as "Saaaaailing!"

That picture just makes me happy to look at - that was taken in Fall '05, during one of the best vacations I've EVER taken. As I put it on the start of the Buzznet gallery where the photos are still hosted - One week, one 41-foot sailboat, six friends, numerous islands, lots of fun! What a wonderful, wonderful trip that was.


Tillerman said...

I promise to kayak more in 2012 if you promise to sail more.

bonnie said...

Well, I do have the spring back for sailing this year!

Ol Philosophizer said...

Why chose when there is a way to combine both kayaking and sailing? I gave it a try last week (never having sailed before), and in better conditions I can see how it could be fun. For more accomplished practitioners of either sport,however, it might prove to be a little sedate.

bonnie said...

I suspect combining would involve buying new stuff, plus possibly needing to drill holes in my boat - and I don't think it would be quite the same as a purpose-built sailing craft.

Anyways, at this point the voice of reason is pointing out that my shoulder is still sore from that bad roll last week & it could probably use another week of rest and lighter exercise before I go paddling. Will probably do something on foot tomorrow!

bonnie said...

And the final verdict was...Hiking!

I went to Sandy Hook and had an absolutely lovely day out there.