Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Three Sets at Dempsey's Pub, Tuesday, 1/10/2012

Quick lunchtime post here - between our seisiun leader John Nevin getting Patrick Mangan as a guest artist, and the continuing mild weather, I figured last night's traditional Irish music seisiun at Dempsey's was going to be a roof-raiser, so I decided to take my Optio along & take a shot at catching a few sets on video. I was glad I did. They came out very dark, of course, and the Optio microphone isn't near good enough to do justice to the music, but these 3 came out well enough that I think they get at least a little of the idea across. Enjoy! Oh, and if you like these & want to hear at least a little bit more in much higher quality, head on over to - that's the website for a really nice documentary film about our seisiun that came out last year. I'm not in it (I'd been scarce enough at that time I specifically DIDN'T go on the nights they were filming in the pub because I didn't want people to think I was just reappearing because I wanted to be in the movie), but I went to see it when it came out and it's a really wonderful depiction of this unique seisiun, which is both "the longest running open session that this town has to offer" (to steal a quote from the website) AND the most truly OPEN open seisiun there is, welcoming musicians of all levels (and not by accident, either, that's how our seisiun leader planned it & I think that's actually part of why it's endured so well).

Live in the area & want to come check it out sometime? Dempsey's is in the East Village, at 61 2nd Avenue, bet. 3rd & 4th Streets. The music starts around 8 & usually rolls on until at least midnight - I'm actually not sure what time they end, I've never been able to stay that late!

Now...I hate to mar an otherwise perfectly "Happy Bonnie" (tm) post with a mention of something annoying, but I just can't resist adding a note on the weirdness of tune recognition software:
I was astounded to get a copyright notice on the second set - it posted but there was a friendly little notice that something in the contents "Matched third party content." Continued on to say: "Your video, Dempseys 1 09 2012 - second set , may include content that is owned or administered by these entities:
Entity: Music Publishing Rights Collecting Society Content Type: Musical Composition." They didn't do anything but apparently the "Entity" may have the right to post ads on my video. :(

I assume YouTube has some corporate version of that marvellous little TunePal app I was introduced to last night - you hear a tune you like but don't know, you turn on TunePal, TunePal "listens", identifies it (giving the degree of certainty, it's never entirely sure), and can then give you sheet music and an MP3 so you can learn it yourself. I loved it. I'm still not getting an iphone but that's neatest app I've seen yet. Apparently the YouTube version "listened" to my content and is fairly sure it recognized something that somebody holds a copyright for. I've gotten that notice before, but those were both instances where I could see where the issue would be (and both videos are still up with their sound, no actual action was ever taken), but it just threw me for a loop that I could get on a video of the Dempsey's seisiun!


johnnevin said...

Bonnie -thanks for the nice things you said about our session. I took particular note of you staying away from the filming and how considerate you are in that regard, although you would have been very welcome. It interesting to note, further, how many faces were in the film PRECISELY because of the filming, and not for any other reason! There are faces there we have not seen SINCE THEN, that is nearly 2 years ago. Such is life.

bonnie said...

Thanks John! Figured Sam wouldn't mind a bit of a plug.

I figured there would be some pretty big crowds the nights the filming was going on - I'm a little camera-shy myself, but a lot of people aren't. I thought the director did such a nice job of keeping the focus on a core group of people - the ones who've made that seisiun what it is by always being there.

I hate that it took you getting cancer to bring me back into the fold, but it really made me realize that I've got something really special going on a ten-minute walk from my office and it's a shame that I'd stopped taking advantage of it for so long. I've been delighted to discover that I haven't forgotten ALL of my tunes, and although I don't know if I'll ever become one of those people who are always there, I'm going to try very hard to never just disappear for that long again.

Funny story - one of the first nights I was back, I sat next to Terry. I knew I'd been gone too long when she asked me if I was back in town for long. Turned out she thought I had moved to Pennsylvania. Oh no!