Friday, January 27, 2012

South Street Seaport Museum - Back Underway!

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Yippee! I'd read the news last year the South Street Seaport was going to reopen under the auspices of the Museum of the City of New York (an institution I used to enjoy when I lived on the Upper East Side back in the 90's) with happiness. I'd seen January. On January 8th, the day I took the SeaStreak out to hike at Sandy Hook, I'd left myself loads of extra time for weekend delays (the Q train's been running in parts on weekends and there was one and only one ferry that was going to get me there early enough to make it worth the price of the ride, so I wanted to be absolutely sure I'd be on that one), the delays that day weren't too bad, so while I waited I decided to run over and see if they had the opening day on the door yet. They didn't, but at least I had a little time to walk around & take some pictures of the old ships & boats there. I hadn't gotten around to posting them and the funny thing is that I'd just been thinking that I should do that this week, and wondering if the day had been announced, and then I wandered over to Jessica DuLong's Facebook page to see when her BookCourt reading was (details here) and was absolutely delighted to see that the grand reopening bash had actually just happened the night before!

Jessica was there, she loved it.

The New York Times has an interesting article about the reopening - not just a review of the new exhibits, but a good outline of the troubles of the past and the challenges the institution faces now.

I hope enough people go visit in the next 18 months that by the end of that time, the Museum of the City of New York can't imagine letting it go. Me, I can't wait.

Oh. And maybe I don't have to, at least not too long.

I've actually been completely torn about what to do on Sunday - hit the water, or take the Lumix to the Chinese New Year parade. I'm itching to paddle; between a shoulder that got a bit "tweaked" by some overenthusiastic New Year's Day rolling, bad weather, and a cold, I haven't been out since the Frostbite Regatta (pool doesn't count, really) - but if I went to the parade for a couple of hours, I could probably squeeze in a visit to the museum, too. Two birds, one stone, all that, right?

Hmm. Shoulder's mostly all better but it does still twinge a bit here & there. What do you think, should I maybe give it another week to recover?


PeconicPuffin said...

Let shoulder rest a bit more. The nightmare is to have a chronic problem in April!

-Michael (who has had rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders over the years, and is a regular shoulder patient. Currently sidelined with bicep grief!)

bonnie said...

Funny thing was I hadn't really made a final decision until the classroom session of the beginner pool class TQ and I had been planning. I'd brought printouts of Sunday's forecast and I was doing my usual teaching routine of talking through the considerations for a go/no go call - they probably didn't know it wasn't just an exercise as I was saying "40's, sunny, gonna be a beautiful day BUT it's gonna be a little windy AND I hurt my shoulder a little bit at the New Year's Day rolling AND I haven't rounded up any friends to go with so there's nobody to help me if I run into trouble, SO I'm going to do the sensible thing and not go paddling tomorrow". I went to the parade. TQ was also moving last weekend and I'd asked him if I could take him out for dinner on Sunday night, so that was another good reason to stay off the water - I usually try to not have evening plans after a paddle, don't like worrying about getting back by such and such a time.

When I do start off again I'll keep it gentle. Have been moving boats and paddling in the pool for the class with no problems.

Sorry to hear you're STILL sidelined. Hope you don't end up having to go with your plans of just playing the buoy for Sally to jibe around when you head south.

bonnie said...

Oh, and I did NOT go to the museum because the parade wasn't over until 4 and I was figuring TQ would probably be tired & want to eat early. In the end he was SO tired that he asked for a rain check, but I still would've only had 2 hours & it sounds like they've got all new exhibits there. I'll go sometime when i have a few hours to spend, make it worth the trip.

moonstruck said...

we used to take the kids to south street before it was really developed. Only the Wavetree was there and it was free. Few stores on the street and no mall on the dock. museum of City of NY had a great antique fire engine display.. That was in the late 60 ies.

dennis g