Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Richard Hudson - Sailing the Northwest Passage, Wednesday, 1/18/2012

Oh, shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot. My friend Richard Hudson is in town VERY briefly and he's giving a presentation about sailing the Northwest Passage tomorrow night. The presentation is for a meetup group called the Gotham City Sailing Association; charge is $5 plus there's a $12 membership fee if you aren't already a member. Richard is a great guy with some wonderful sailing stories - I would go except I really want to go to the meeting about Four Sparrow Marsh - don't know that me being there is going to make a whit of difference but I just feel like that needs fighting.

Click here for the Meetup.com event info:

Click here fora page with links to stories about the 3 small schooners Richard owns or has owned.

Orbit II was lost at sea in 2002. The Rosemary Ruth was the boat that he was sailing when I met him (the "rosemary ruth" label below should pull up some of my trip reports from sailing with him back then); she's an absolutely charming craft and he worked on her for a long time but eventually decided she was just not quite the right cruiser for him and ended up buying a more suitable schooner, now known as the Issuma, in France in 2008. He's been sailing pretty much ever since & is now in Alaska - just in the city for a few days.

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