Friday, January 20, 2012

TOP GEAR BREAK! Yowza! Woohoo! Vrooomvroomvroom!

OK, between yesterday's SOPA/PIPA thing, the grumbling about the Music Publishing Rights Collection Society's claiming that they own rights to one of my Dempsey's set video, and the Four Sparrows Marsh thing I feel like this blog needs a frivolity break, and I think that Top Gear's instant-classic jet-powered kayak vs. TomCat race is just the thing. I know, I know, I should probably be philosophically opposed to the very concept but shoot, it's fun!

I was planning to come home and do a bit of a writeup here about the meeting last night, but you've been spared 'cause I have a cold, I came home from work & immediately crashed for several hours on the Evil Futon of Nap and I'm now just having a quick cup of herbal tea with honey (fresh outta Balvenie, sigh, I must have a word with the butler about how this oversight was allowed to happen) and messing about on the internet for a bit before I transfer to actual bed. Way too late to get started on a Serious Post now, plus there are limits to just how much seriousness I can take in one week!


O Docker said...

Tippy canoe and Hamster, too!

bonnie said...

Who's a hamster?

O Docker said...

He's a Hamster.

bonnie said...

Ha! And speaking of crazy/fun jobs, here's another one - come on, I can't be the only one who's envious of Yachting Monthly's Chief Engineer of Destruction.

That poor yatchit.

Found that on Capt. JP's London Boat Show coverage - thanks JP!

bonnie said...

I mean, talk about testing your gear!