Tuesday, January 03, 2012

First Paddle of 2012 - Jan. 1, 2012, Sebago Canoe Club Frostbite Regatta

Setting out in my New Year's Day finery...

The sailors tried to get me to sail, but I just couldn't skip the New Year's Day rolling session. We had fantastic weather whichever craft you chose - the breeze was a bit light early on but picked up enough later on to let the 3 sailors who came out have a really nice sail around Canarsie Pol, and the 14 paddlers had fine conditions for a nice paddle around Ruffle Bar. With the air temperature being in the low 50's, we had some first-time New Year's Day rollers, which was fun...me, I got a little overenthusiastic & am nursing a bit of a sore shoulder today, I usually do 6 rolls when the water's cold, 3 onside & 3 off, but this time I went a little overboard - lost track of how many I did but at one point an offside roll didn't work and the onside recovery wasn't a good one. Anyways, it was a bit ouchy on Monday but it's already improving so I think I'll be OK, phew. Other than that, a great paddle, and as usual really good food afterwards, and yes, I took some pictures!.

Oh, and Chris B. was the only sailor who was there at the start of the day, but Holly and Jim joined him later in Sunfishes and he took some pictures from the sailor's point of view (including me in my penguin hat again -- jeeze, what is it about wearing a penguin hat that makes me so vain? I'm usually a bit camera shy but not with that hat on!).

Hope everybody out there also had a very happy New Year, and here's to peace, happiness, and lots of time on the water for 2012.


PeconicPuffin said...

It's a fine hat (Peconic Jeff sent me a link, lamenting that I don't have a puffin hat) but can we please talk about your Mardi Gras beads and dolphin pendants? Or whatever the heck that is? You're rolling your kayak is such finery? Wow!

bonnie said...

Oh, no no no, I took off all the finery for the rolling. Pedro the Penguin turns out to take water better than I thought he would, but there's no way he would've stayed on, and the beads would probably either fall off or get caught on something and break.

All of 'em were actually from a couple of CIBBOWS (Coney Island-Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers) swim I've helped out with.