Monday, May 07, 2012

Blue Drinks Are Back!

Correction to correction - Blue Drinks have just been postponed to Wednesday, May 23rd!

And boy, did this one sneak up on me! Been busy - making things, doing things, and maybe doing a little work in there too. Anyways, this is this Tuesday, as in tomorrow! CORRECTION - Well, phew, it didn't sneak up on me, it's NEXT week Tueday - the announcement was just sent out with a subject line that made it sound as though it was tomorrow! Here's the latest announcement, posted this weekend by Phil Giller, Sebago commodore emeritus, now of the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Rolling Club (we miss you Phil!):

Save The Date!

BLUE DRINKS at Pier 66 Maritime
Wednesday, May 23rd, 6pm

The New York City Water Trail Association invites you to join us for the first Blue Drinks of 2012 at Pier 66 Maritime, aka the Barge at west 26th street on the Hudson.

Modeled after the Green Drinks series which focuses on people in the environmental field, Blue Drinks is a networking party for people involved in public water access for human-powered boats, historic vessels, environmental education, and urban open water swimmers.

Come catch up with friends, see what our partner groups in and around nyc have in store for the summer, find a group to boat with or a volunteer opportunity. We'll have drink specials, some light snacks, and lots of good company.

Groups are encouraged to bring materials to share, postcards, calendars, etc.

All are encouraged to bring friends: boaters, educators, swimmers, access activists, and of course the water-curious.

The more the merrier so feel free to share this announcement with your lists.

Hope to see you on the 15th.

Phil Giller

Friends don't let friends paddle drunk!


Filip & Kristel said...

These colourful drinks are very special and attractive to make photos.


bonnie said...

I had googled "blue drinks" images looking for a picture for last year's inaugural Blue Drinks event, that was my favorite find. It is a Blue Hawaiian and it was from the drink recipe section from a website called Cabana Bob's. I did a proper link to the recipe last year - tried to again this year but the website seems to have been shut down. If you're curious, though, here's another recipe.

I have to admit that I don't recall seeing any actual blue drinks at Blue Drinks - mostly people were drinking drinks in the more standard spectrum of ambers!

O Docker said...

I have a great fondness for amber, but I like to keep an open mind about these things.