Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lewis Colam is Still Rowing

Hanging out at TQ's this morning - he's actually working out of town for a day here so I'm taking care of the dogs while he's gone. I'm going sailing with Vicky and John on the Mischief this afternoon -- that's the sloop I had snapped a couple of pictures of when I was playing with the new lens last weekend (didn't realize it was them until they saw my Sebago regatta pix & said "Oh, we saw them too as we sailed out of Mill Basin - I promptly posted the sloop pix and said "Was that by any chance you?", and it was, and so now my first sail of 2012 will be with them today, yay!) -- but this morning I'm just having a nice quiet morning hangin' with the Catahoulas and catching up with things I'd wanted to read or watch but didn't have time to during the week.

Like this, for example. I've mentioned Lewis Colam, the young Brit who quit his job to come to the States & row from Miami to NYC to raise funds for Alzheimer's research, here & on Facebook once or twice, and I've been enjoying following his adventures & misadventures - one night spending a miserable night getting chased off of docks by policemen who had differing opinions of what "public" means (somehow wasn't surprised to hear that story), another night having dinner at Paula Deen's home, without having the faintest idea in the beginning who she is - it's been quite a ride and he had an awful first week, terrible headwinds (20 kts or more), but he's plugging away, he's spending a couple of days in the DC area right now and should be arriving in NY Harbor in a couple of weeks.

It was an interesting expedition in that the young man didn't have much boating experience -- he claimed none at the start, he did find a mentor in the boatbuilder at Little River Marine, who provided his boat & probably some advice & basic training, but this was all pretty new to him when he started out. The learning curve sounded steep but he's stuck it out.

He'd posted this short video on Facebook earlier this week - I didn't have time to watch it then but I just watched it now, enjoyed it & thought I'd share.

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