Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Making Things 3: Playing With Clay

Or maybe it's more 1-a or 1.1 - definitely a followup to Making Things 1, back on May 8th - yes, here it is, Channel Surfing, the final product of the New York International Children's Film Festival Get 'Tooned Cocktails & Claymation benefit. Look out, look out for the Terrible Tiger!

We had a great time making this, and the NYICFF raised enough money to send 20 kids to their various filmmaking workshops on scholarships by giving the grownups a turn to play, so all around, a big success.

On Facebook? There's an album up of the evening's fun - I got a few good shots that I put up here a few posts ago, but the NYICFF staff was circulating with cameras, too. OK, this is a bit vain - but here are my favorites:

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