Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Vote For Tugboat Pegasus and the Waterfront Museum Barge

I would like to thank Harry for reminding me about this tonight - American Express and the National Trust for Historic Preservation are trying to give away some money to some deserving New York City historic places and things. I think all of us fans of our working harbor were thrilled to find out that the Tugboat Pegasus & the Waterfront Museum Barge were chosen to participate - final recipients are being chosen by popular vote & we can all help Pamela & David win a grant for some perpetually-needed maintenance!

The contest runs now through May 21st, you can register or sign on with Facebook, and every individual gets one vote per day. This is one case where the famous old phrase, "Vote early and often" really does apply!

 Click here to vote!

and here for my favorite Pegasus post (ha ha!), and, oh, here or maybe here (in a slightly indirect way) for my favorite Waterfront Museum posts.


Albert @ metaliteind.com said...

Voted! Hope you win :)

bonnie said...

Thanks, I hope they win too!

The good thing about this sort of contest is that the finalists are all totally worthy - but I'd just really like to see Pamela & David get a grant, boat maintenance is always such an urgent matter and needed in a way that I just can't imagine, say, Cleopatra's Needle needing it.