Saturday, June 23, 2012

A few preliminary pictures from Estonia and Finland

 Monday - Gulf of Finland, en route from Tallinn to Porkalla, Finland

Dinner at Von Krahli Aed restaurant, first night in Tallinn - smoked fish plate, cold cucumber-mint soup and a nice Riesling - a perfect light meal after a long, long flight.


Our Estonian flag

The Wesilind in Elisaari (possibly the most beautiful of our overnight spots)

6/20 - en route to Pihlajassari

Barnacle geese on Pihlajassari

The bow of Kikka3, our neighbor on the dock at  Pihlajassari, with her birch bough decoration for Midsummer's Eve - and a late arrival (this would probably be around midnight, the sun did set but it never got entirely dark).

Salty dog!

Beautiful wooden boats on Suomenlinna

Many more to come - I've just begun looking through my pictures. What a beautiful place for a summer sailing adventure!


Joe said...

Very cool.

Keep Reaching said...

Thanks for sharing - looks like a great trip. And very different from the usual tropical venues. But I guess the sailing season is pretty short.

O Docker said...

A quiet, beautiful, and apparently uncrowded place to sail in Europe in mid-summer.


bonnie said...

Estonishing, and finntastic, too - we actually spent a little more time in Finland than Estonia. It was glorious, but everytime I starting feeling jealous of the locals, I would just think about the winters that they have to suffer through to get these magnificent summer days & then I wouldn't feel so jealous anymore.

Jimbo said...

Great looking trip! I look forward to the rest of the pics.

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing. Looks like good wind.

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing. Looks like good wind.

Michael said...

Great photos. Are you Finnished with the puns yet?

bonnie said...

Possibly for the moment, but don't hold me to that on a long-term basis (especially with Oh Docker back in Blogger's good graces)!

pia said...

Can't wait to see more!

Were you there for white nights?