Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oh, did I mention what I'm DOING in Estonia?

I'm Going Sailing! :D


PeconicPuffin said...

How are the winds in Estonia?

No really...what are you doing in Estonia?

Tillerman said...

In Estonia they have something called a 'porkuni' barrel race where two people sit in a large wooden vat and use kayak paddles. I expect that's what you are going to be DOING in Estonia.

bonnie said...

Well, if I happen to see a porkuni race you KNOW I will have to try DOING that.

Mostly sailing though! woohoo!

and I'm off to get some euros!

Tillerman said...

We need porkuni pictures.

JP said...

I could have gone to Estonia during last week. I was in Helsinki and its only a few hours ferry ride away.

Alas I had to do this thing called work instead.

However Helsinki seemed a really nice city so might be worth adding to the list of possible ports.

Just head northish (*)

(*) not to be used for navigation etc

bonnie said...

We have Helsinki on the possible ports of call! yes yes!

leaving in 5 minutes! yowza!

JP, wish I could stop in London and say hello!

bonnie said...
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JP said...

Have fun!

Shame I'll not be in Helsinki next week if you might be heading there. However actually this weekend I'm off to do a spot of sailing myself for a few weeks.

I might do a travel post on Helsinki as a destination for you.