Friday, June 01, 2012

Memorial Day in Red Hook, Brooklyn

As I mentioned earlier in the week, TQ and I spent a few hours visiting the visiting ships in Red Hook on Memorial Day. We definitely would've stayed longer and visited more if it hadn't been about a hundred degrees out there on those concrete piers; as it was, we stuck with visiting the ones with the shortest lines, admiring the others from pierside, and agreeing that our next point of interest was one that involved air conditioning and a cold beer well before either of us had gotten too hot and cranky. Timing is everything!

The ships were magnificent and of course I took too many pictures to possibly squish them all into one post, so a couple of nights ago I stayed up WAY past my bedtime putting together another Flickr gallery with descriptions of what we saw. Click here to visit.

Thanks again to Carolina & the rest of PortSide NewYork for taking time off from the search for a home to organize the Red Hook contingent of ships. I really leaned on that great guide to the Red Hook ships in putting my pictures together. From where I was, it looked like the weekend was a great success - hope that was the case!

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