Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Map's done -- or should I say "finnished" before anybody else beats me to the pun?

At the request of a friend, I spent my lunch hour finishing up with the Google map of the trip. Wish that Google map had some feature on a multi-leg map like this where when you click on the description of a leg, that leg would light up somehow, instead of just giving you a little pointer that maybe points somewhere where several lines run together, but hopefully you'll be able to more or less sort out the route. What might help would be clicking on the overnight points - those I know are right and if you click them in order you can probably then sort out the legs that run between them.

I did indulge in one little cartographical joke in Suomenlinna Harbor, which doesn't look anything at all like Park Slope, Brooklyn, but sure felt like it for a while - zoom way way in on Suomenlinna to see that.

Again, this is not accurate, I'd need Finnish charts to retrace our routes through all those amazing islands (incredible!) but it's at least a decent overview.

Click here to visit.

According to this we logged somewhere around 180 miles. I'll have an idea how close I got to right when I get home tonight, I jotted down Capt. Kat's estimates while she and F. worked on their more official log (F. had a US Sailing Association logbook that I rather loved, wonder if the ACA would ever consider something like that, it was cool, stickers for classes, and then lots of room for logging trips...) in my own little journal. If Kat's numbers add up to anywhere close to that, that means that although I may not have drawn our courses in exactly the right place, I wasn't too far off. I'll be very curious to see that myself.

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