Sunday, June 03, 2012

Shuttle Enterprise floats through Jamaica Bay

Although TQ and I had absolutely planned to go see the shuttle Enterprise as it got barged through Jamaica Bay, Saturday ended up being a very rough day for both of us, culminating with the 10 pm realization that there was water dripping from the ceiling of TQ's apartment. I was still going to try, TQ had my boat on his car from swim support I did yesterday so he drove me out to Floyd Bennett Field to launch - I'd killed my Optio yesterday but thought I'd paddle past the Marine Park Bridge, land, and take pictures with the new zoom lens. Unfortunately,upon arrival we discovered that I'd left my lifejacket at home; I considered having him drop me closer to the bridge and I'd just hoof it down to the shore where I'd planned to land, but a second later it sank in that I was just really, really tired and not really up for sitting on a beach for God knows how long with nothing but a Luna Bar for lunch and just scratched the whole idea. Best laid plans, etc. I saw it fly in, that was terrific, and I decided that was enough.

However, I had numerous friends who DID see it and the first set of photos are now up on John Huntington's "Control Geek" Blog - he and a friend had chased it on bikes, which was a great way to do it (although he said stormchasing is easier) - click here to see the spectacular results!

Note added Monday evening: Here's a funny coincidence -- John and Tugster Will turned out to have been standing on the same bridge. Here's Tugster's set. Enjoy again!


Baydog said...

And England thought they had the only floating spectacle today!

O Docker said...

So, in the end, the best way to chase down the space shuttle was on a bicycle.

I like that.

bonnie said...

Isn't that perfect, somehow?