Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Amazing Estonian Song

Two more... "Tuljak"

I found the link through the suggestions at the end of the Estonian National Anthem. Glorious. I went looking for a translation and found a translation plus a fascinating mention of the role song has played in Estonian history on a website called All Around This World:

Country: Estonia Language: Estonian Lyrics: Everybody come together, everyone in town's invited We are going to have a wedding, it will be today. Wedding, yes we'll have a wedding, everyone in town's invited We are going to have a wedding, it will be today.

Hõissa ja trallalla!

Tõnni's going to marry Manni and we're going to have a party Eat and eat and eat and then we're going to eat some more Look at them they are so happy, in their eyes the sun is shining Their whole world is beaming brightly.... Everybody dance!

Hõissa ja trallalla!

More info: An Estonian folk song that joyfully celebrates a wedding. Estonians love to sing, and they especially love to sing in public...As documented in The Singing Revolution, public singing played a crucial role in enabling a peaceful transition of power in the late '80s/early '90s as Estonia became independent from Soviet rule.
And here is the trailer for The Singing Revolution. I wish I had time to watch this before I go -- but even a visit to was an amazing crash course in the history of the country I'll be visiting very, very soon. I can't wait.


Tillerman said...

Is Manni and Tõnni's wedding the Estonian equivalent of Tony n' Tina's Wedding?

bonnie said...

Dunno, but if it is they should get Baydog to cater it!

O Docker said...

What a great idea - invite the whole town to your wedding!

I wonder why no one in Brooklyn does that.

bonnie said...

Hey, did I mention I'm not only going to a really neat country, but I'm also spending the week on one of those boats you can take naps on? WooooohhoooO!