Friday, November 30, 2012

Fish On Friday (plus one more rainbow)

Another exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum. That was a pretty neat thing to do!

BTW, I ended up going over to TQ's last night so I didn't have time for more Sandy-rainbow pictures, but I had put up an album on Facebook. I did end up setting my privacy settings pretty high after a couple of slightly bothersome events early on in my time on Facebook, but click here if you want to see more Sandy pictures - if we're Facebook friends you'll definitely see 'em, otherwise, I'm not sure, but you might be able to.

If not, I'll still probably come back to that over the weekend, but even if I don't, I'd say that by the time I finished expanding the post, it had most of the best pictures - especially if I add in this one, looking at the rainbow past a skyful of spotlight beams from the setup the was being done for a promotional event for a brand of vodka in the Meatpacking District:
And hooray, it's Aloha Friday, no work (except sailboat work) tomorrow!

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