Thursday, January 03, 2013


Winter's definitely with us here in NYC, but yesterday (my first day back at work after vacation) it didn't feel too bitingly cold when I walked out of the office at 6, and I decided I was in the mood for a bit of an after-work stroll. I hoofed it across the Manhattan Bridge, through downtown Brooklyn, and up to Atlantic Terminal. That's a little over 3 miles, but I got a little off-course by misjudging the course of a curving road (and also expecting the clock on the former Williamsburg Bank building to be lit, that's a grand landmark for walking to Atlantic Avenue, but the clock was out last night) and the end total ended up being about 3 and a half miles.

At one point it crossed my mind that I could keep walking to Courtelyou Road and then have a nice dinner at one of the restaurants there, but I had a nice chuck steak in the 'fridge that needed to be cooked, so when I got to Atlantic I jumped on the train and took that the rest of the way.

Tonight, though, I think I may have the motivation to do the longer walk! The good folks at Purple Yam posted the above photo over on Facebook with the caption "Recovery food: soy glazed pork belly with soba. We will be putting up more ramen and other noodle soups at PY for the winter".

Well well well. Can you imagine how good this (and maybe some buko pie) would taste after a 7-mile urban hike? I may just need to go find out (weather cooperating, of course).


Baydog said...

Go and then report back with photos and commentary, please.

That dish is a dream for me

bonnie said...

If it's not too horrible out there and I go tonight, there won't be pictures, I didn't bring a camera to work today. But if it's any good at all (and I bet it will be fantastic) I'll do it again, with a little more planning!

bonnie said...

And I'm off! Woohoo!

bonnie said...

D'oh! Ooooh! It was a teaser, they don't have it yet!

However, if the presence of this particular dish had been a make-or-break thing for the walk, I would have checked. They did say "WILL BE". Not "HAVE". I had a Plan B, as in Betutu, as in duck leg betutu. Simmered in coconut milk & spices. Also tasted darned good after a 7 mile walk. But I still want the soba with shoyu-glazed pork belly!

Baydog said...

Good thing you don't smoke, Bonnie. You only have to walk a mile for a Camel.

bonnie said...

a mile for a camel, 7 for duck and not even a whole duck, just a piece of a duck? Something's wrong with that math!