Monday, January 28, 2013

Something nice to look at on a wet and dreary day!

Aaaaah, summer!

Just got a "Can I use this?" request from the developer of - seems like an interesting site, looking forward to the unveiling! And boy, it was nice just looking at this picture from Summer 2011 again. Green shore, blue sky, Shorts and sitatops, my oh my! Not as cold this week as it was last week but I thought it would be nice to share this on this gray and rainy day.


Tillerman said...

This post could start a trend...

bonnie said...

Love it. Of course this morning I was laughing at myself for getting all yearny (yes I made that up) for summer when so far this winter has actually only acted like winter for a week and a half or so (one short cold snap and an inch of snow - pffft!).

And today it's gorgeous out there and I'm wishing I could play hooky and go for a paddle.