Monday, January 07, 2013

Oh, ouch.

More Sandy fallout,and much worse than the just-discovered demise of the 5-year old rosemary bush in my garden I was lamenting earlier today on Facebook. Boy, it was bad enough having to find someplace to move a sea kayak and a surfski back in '06 when Pier 63 Maritime got shut down - has to be so much worse when you can't just slap your boat on the roof of a car and go.

Regarding the rosemary -- I thought it had made it but it was just slower to succumb to the saltwater ducking than the sage and the thyme. Of the 4 plants that used to always make it though the winter, it's looking like the green onions are the sole survivors, and I'm not sure those are safe to eat after their October immersion in the floodwaters.

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