Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dedication of the New Dock, Sebago Canoe Club, Sunday, April 19th at Noon!

Last Saturday, shortly before launching on my last paddle off the old dock. Yes, the weather was filthy - it just served to improve the usual Gino's deliciousness!
From The Old Dock

I'd mentioned in passing the other day that the Sebago Canoe Club is getting a new dock this week!

The dedication ceremony is this Sunday, 4/19/2009, and YOU yes YOU are invited!

I'll understand if you can't make it since this being a blog and all, you might not exactly live close enough to make it to the Paerdegat Basin, but if you do live anywhere in the area & you'd like to come see the club I'm always blithering on about, the Sebago crew would love to see you there!

Full details on the Sebago Canoe Club website. Ignore the detail about rsvp'ing by April 1st - let's just say that it's sort of an accidental, retroactive April Fool's Day joke. Fooled me anyways - I'd gone to post it a couple of weeks ago, saw the RSVP note, figured I'd better check in with a board member or two before I said anything and then, er, sort of forgot to ask until today. Sorry about the short notice!

Can't make it to this one, or rather wait to visit the club until the water's a little warmer & you can try out one of our boats? Join us at our Open House on Saturday, May 30th, or at any of our Open Paddles from June 3rd on! And if you've got a hand-launchable boat of your own, don't forget that Sebago is part of the New York City Watertrail - the club grounds are open from 9 am to 5 pm on weekend days from the Open House on May 30th all the way through the summer to Labor Day, I believe it is, and there's always at least one club member who can answer most questions a person might have on duty during those hours.

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