Monday, April 13, 2009

Marcus's Visit to Sebago, plus The Return of Sea Level

Clubmate John has posted a great writeup about Marcus Demuth's fascinating presentation about circumnavigating the Falkland Islands over on Summit to Shore. It was a great evening & if I hadn't been feeling very stuck in mental gear "N" on my first completely unscheduled day in what seems like a terribly long time, I probably would've posted something myself.

Oh, also, as long as I'm doing lunchtime linkage - I'm delighted to report that Sea Level has resurfaced! Mr. Sea Level is no longer blogging there, since circumstances unfortunately sort of took him out of the paddling scene, but he had a very fine compendium of NYC water-lover's links & has decided to put those back out there. Thanks, Mr. Sea Level!

My blogroll is still painfully in need of attention, but there's one link that works again. I'm glad, I was actually going to be quite sad to take that one down. Sea Level was one of my favorites for a long time!

Paerdegat Basin, Saturday evening, a couple of the racers leaving the old dock. We get a new dock this week. Pretty exciting!
From The Old Dock

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