Friday, April 03, 2009

Wall Street

Trinity Bells 03 28 2009 075

Because everybody looooooooves Wall Street these days, right?

Naaaah, actually it's just because I was in the area last weekend. Wall Street ends right across the street from Trinity Church, which is where the bellringing event my parents came to attend last weekend was held. I went to watch for a while on Saturday morning. The organizer even gave me a lesson while they were waiting for people to filter in - towers are always looking for new ringers, so they're always glad to give a newcomers a lesson (especially if you live in the area).

Trinity Bells 03 28 2009 086

I had gotten a little backed up at work last week, so I only hung out in the tower for part of the morning. I left around 11 to head up to my office in Soho. I took a few more pictures of the exterior of the church as I was leaving (I believe I promised both interior shots of the inside & exterior shots of the outside & I didn't want to let anybody down) - and then it hit me that I was right next to Wall Street & I figured it would be sort of timely to post a picture of Wall Street. Wall Street being so popular & all, these days.

More bellringing pictures tonight, unless I get stuck at work.

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