Friday, April 10, 2009

YAAAAAAY! (trying very hard to look on the bright side...)

Yippee Yippee Yippee!

We're going to Gino's tomorrow!


The weather's gonna be crappy but who cares!

Ten miles, good friends, good food and then hanging out at the club until Marcus's Falkland Islands presentation.

Plus I get to see how my garden is coming along two weeks & plenty of rain after cleaning it up & putting in some seeds - YAY!

Wait...what's that?


No, I am not blogging under the influence. At least not under the influence of anything entertaining.

I'm just trying very very hard not to write about how i'm still at work and it's 7:30 on a lovely spring friday night & no idea what time i get to leave. Cause that would make me go "bah" & who wants to read about "bah" except sheep.


see? Boring, right?

Seriously though, my paddle in CT last Sunday(the one where I took those pictures of the Sunday racers launching from Tillerman's old club) was my first time on the water since the Long Island Paddlesport Convention, it was great & I've been itching to get out this weekend too. Quite badly, actually, it has been a long couple of weeks of budgeting & forecasting here at the really big children's publishing house (where all our books are for really big children, of course). Tomorrow's weather is crappy, but I was going to see Marcus's presentation in the evening, so I figured it would work well to make a day of it. Sort of wasn't sure if anybody would want to join me out in the wind & the rain but a number of the usual suspects came through. Let's hear for the usual suspects. Woohoo!

(just wonder what time we get to go home tonight, that's all...ok, that was a nice break, now back to work. Baaaaah.)

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