Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wood Frog

Back to the ranid theme - here's the frog photo I'd mentioned in the comments on the Frogma Frog Post, which I didn't have time to post earlier, but I'm home now & wanted to post it. Interesting color, almost looks coppery, doesn't it? Thanks, Gail!

Here's a wood frog I saw in one of our vernal ponds last weekend. They live in the woods (duh!) and come into the pond to mate and lay eggs, then back to the woods. Wood frogs make a loud quacking sound which is quite distinctive when they gather in large numbers. In a pond perhaps 75 feet in diameter I could count at least 100 of them floating on the water, quacking away.


And I can't resist linking to a post I always liked (well, since she posted in in February of last year) over on Smokey Mountain Breakdown. Sadly, Rosanne has to sell her Appalachian farm - I'll miss reading about that place in vignettes like this one. Like Ckayaker Michael's spring peepers (check the Frog Post comments), frogsong has been Rosanne's first harbinger of Spring.

Robins aren't so reliable - I've seen flocks of those around here in January!

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