Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Bunch Of People, More Flowers, and Two Non-Random Dogs!

A few more from my Easter Sunday wander at the BBG -

I did wander, and -
there were daffodils - but there was no "lonely as a cloud" about it. Not on a stunning Spring day in Brooklyn!

Usually I actually really like going on not-so-stunning days for the very reason that you mostly have the place to yourself, but it was fun getting some pictures in the sunshine.

Forsythia, forsooth!
An early tulip
Chinese Stachyurus. Doesn't this look like it should be called "bead curtain plant"?

Closeup of the flowerets

A couple of non-flowers now, just because I liked them -
Fabulously lumpy cork trees

And a nice cycad in the greenhouse for Bowsprite, who liked these when she was in Florida. They always remind me of our neighbor in Hawaii, Mr. Kansaka - he was an expert gardener, he specialized in bonsai & although I was too young to appreciate that we had a true artist living next door (he was even a little bit famous, I think, I remember tour buses would sometimes bring people to see his collection), I did love those beautiful little trees. He had three perfect cycads (full sized ones) in the front of his house. I think they were still there the last time I got to go home - they'd gotten taller, but otherwise looked almost just like they had back when we lived next door.

Enough garden - how about a nice non-random dog?

a Catahoula Leopard Dog in fact!and another happy Catahoula and an extremely non-random canoe on PA's Clarion River.

It was an awfully nice weekend. We'd planned to paddle, although we left the decision of exactly where until I got out there. I'd looked at the forecast & thought "There is no way on Earth I am putting on my drysuit this weekend".

I NEVER expected shorts & a swimsuit would be the right outfit, though. Who'd a thunk? In April, without travelling any appreciable distance in a southerly direction? Nuh uh. No way. But there you have it!

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