Thursday, March 04, 2010

Allegheny River Nuraghe

Today's Allegheny River Nuraghe is brought to you in honor of René Seindal, who is currently circumnavigating the island of Sardinia. Good luck, René!

(ps - one of my dream vacations would involve joining one of René for a kayak tour of Venice.)

(pps - no, this isn't a real nuraghe, just a silo of some sort that reminded me of a nuraghe)


Buck said...

Very cool! It does indeed look like a nuraghe. I wonder if the river moved since the silo was built because I can't imagine a farmer building a silo on the water like that.

bonnie said...

Actually, I don't know whether this was agricultural or industrial - the town we'd launched from is a classic western PA coal mining town, the river is dammed & used for transport. This was probably at one time used to store stuff that was being brought in or taken out by barge.

Michael said...

Ready for Venice (and other points in Italy) when you are!

O Docker said...

A dam about 20 miles west of here has something that looks like that for controlling depth near flood stage. It's open on top and acts as an overflow drain.

I like the Nuraghe theory better, but this could also be the summer home of Bib, the Michelin man.

bonnie said...

Ah, won't be this year, unless I win the lottery & am able to retire!

This year's big trip is the long-planned 25th reunion trip to Hawaii, and on top of that now that TQ's got full-time work again he's gotten it into his head that he wants to take a real vacation & he's talking Cape Cod later in the summer.

As I said to some friends who were proposing a fabulous Maine trip earlier this week, I'd sort of thought that Hawaii would be the main event for the summer, but oh gee, I guess I can suck it up & spend a week on Cape Cod with my guy, too. Yeah, it's tough, but they do say that people in serious relationships sometimes need to make sacrifices for each other, right?

(insert .wmv file of world's smallest fiddle playing the world's saddest song )


So, Venice...maybe 2011. We'll see. Would especially love to join the Vogalonga, that sounds amazing. Actually, jeeze, I haven't left the States since I went to Canada in 2002, I'm past due.

will said...

i never heard the word nuraghe, but i have a wannabe "nuraghe" from the delaware. i'll try to do a post about it.

Carol Anne said...

Now I'm going to have to figure out a way to incorporate Sardinian Bronze Age stone towers into a conversation somewhere.