Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Upcoming Events - Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Event #1 - Thursday: Yikes! Sorry this is again a bit on the last-minute side but on Thursday, 3/18, my friends at the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Rolling Club are pleased to offer an evening with famous expedition paddler Jon Turk, who will be speaking about his newest book, The Raven's Gift.

Beczak Environmental Center, Yonkers NY at 6 pm.

Sponsored by the Hudson River Watertrail Association, Yonkers Paddling and Rowing Club and the Beczak Environmental Center.

A $5 donation at the door, light refreshments will be served.
Event #2 - Friday, 3/19: I ran into an old acquaintance who works at the South Street Seaport museum last night at the mapping meeting & she mentioned that they have a pretty interesting program on Friday. It's part of their Free Friday series -- always free, always fun!

South Street Seaport Museum’s Free Friday
Friday March 19, 2010
5-8 pm 12 Fulton Street


Enormous numbers of both people and goods move across our harbor waters every day, yet the professionals who accomplish this often work behind the scenes. Meet port professionals, maritime engineers and other New York waterfront workers in person to hear their stories and enjoy a reception in their honor. Presentations at 6:30pm, ongoing reception between 5 and 8pm. Admission is free, but RSVP’s are appreciated to ensure adequate seating, 212-748-8786 or
Event #3 - Last but not least, on Satuday the 20th, there will be a cold water workshop at New York Kayak Company. Seriously - if you are in the NYC area, and you are looking at our fabulous forecast & thinking it might be very neat to throw on some jeans & a t-shirt, pull the canoe out of the garage & go out for a paddle -

GO TO THIS INSTEAD. Ok? Please? Seriously, this is the very worst time of year for a nice day on the water to turn into a tragedy - people feel that balmy 60 degree air & just don't realize that the water is still dangerously, wintery cold until something goes wrong & they end up in it - at which point, if you aren't dressed right, it's probably too late. I'm sailing on Saturday, I'll be in a drysuit & hood. I don't plan to fall in, but I'll have a lot more fun if I'm dressed so I don't have to worry as much if I do.

Here's the blurb from NYCKayaker:

Dressing for Cold Water Paddling Clinic & Demo Saturday at New York Kayak Co. on Saturday, March 20.
15% Off on Kokatat March 20 through March 28 .

Join us on Saturday, March 20th at 11AM for a free Cold Water Paddling Clinic. Tom Harsh, the Kokatat Factory Representative, will be discussing how build a paddle-sport wardrobe that enhances your comfort and safety in a broad range of conditions, with special emphasis on paddling in cold water. Randy Henriksen will talk about cold water risk management for paddle-sports. There will be dry suits to try on - you can even water test a suit under supervision (please bring immersion foot ware and a towel if you're going in for a cold water test.) No charge for the event, but let us know if you're coming so we know what suits to have ready.

Also, to help you get the season started early, all Kokatat paddle-sport apparel is on sale both online and in the store for 15% off March 20 - 28. This is a sale that will not be repeated in 2010, so please come in or order online during our event to get our best prices of the year!


Baydog said...

Hey! Did anyone ever say anything to you about Stephen King? That was nuts..really cool.

Ol' Philosophizer said...

You hit the nail on the head when you referred to the problems of the contrasting water and air temperatures. A friend and I went out for a 3 hour paddle/workout on Tuesday to try to get ready for our racing debut next month. With a water temp of 39 and an air temp in the 60's, plus wearing dry suits with several layers underneath (just in case we ended up in the drink),we alternated being too warm when going with the wind, and chilled when paddling against it. Still, there's nothing like an ice water spray in your face, under a brilliant blue sky, to make you feel that winter is finally over. I hope you get some of that feeling when you sail this weekend.

bonnie said... don't think that was really Stephen King, do you?

I was assuming Stephen King does not waste his time reading blogs. If that was really him, I sure hope I didn't say anything rude!

moonstruck said...

Forcast middle 70 ies and sunny today!!! Mental Health Day??? Still a pile of snow blocking access to my Holder 14. Need another few days of big melt.

Dennis G

Michael said...

Jon Turk wrote 'Raven's Gift'? My copy was written by Kelly Dupre... We are talking about the raven who interacted with kayakers to free its feet of some wire, aren't we?

Baydog said...

Am I Naive? Maybe so. I clicked on his profile...was someone goofing on you?

bonnie said...

Baydog, that's what I thought. God had been leaving some comments here & there too. I just assumed that the real Stephen King would never comment & that this was another alter ego!

Michael - Same title, new book. This one is about Jon Turk learning from a shaman.

Dennis G. - Sadly, no mental health day today!!! I wish! March is a busy month with a lot of reporting on a very hard deadline. I will be lucky if I get out for a walk around the block today - going to work late tonight so I can go to tomorrow night's presentation. Waiting for the weekend!!

Don said...

I'm planning to see Jon Turk closer to here in a couple of weeks.

Weather stations here say the water's up to around 35. Still a little ice floating around and some bays partly frozen.