Monday, March 08, 2010

why that bugged me so much...

BTW, I think the reason that that bugged me so much is that there was a certain extreme low point that I hit in high school, after we left Hawaii. Mostly I did a very very good job of hiding how homesick I was, but oh god, this one day it all just broke loose. In gym class, of all the idiotic places.

I look back on that & the one thing that I still can't figure out to this day is -

Where were all the grown-ups?

So I guess I read about a kid ending up getting put in a bad situation that the grown-ups should've maybe seen coming - it hits a few zillion nerves.

I really do hope the kid is too young to get it.


Buck said...

If there is a better motto for our times, I haven't heard it.

bonnie said...

Where were all the grown-ups?

Sad...but funny. Thanks for the laugh.