Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nice enough for ya?

The calm after the storm, I guess!

Pier 66, with the lightship Frying Pan and the retired fireboat John J. Harvey. I was on my way to the map project meeting, which was pretty interesting, and is the usual for me for 6:00 meetings, I was running late & hurrying to get there. I came out from the side street, saw this, and all the sudden, hyper ("I'mlate,I'mlate, foraveryimportantdate") changed to hypnotized ("Aaaahhh! Muuussssst...Taaaaake...Pictuuuure...")!

So I stopped & took some pictures & quite unsurprisingly, the meeting carried on just fine for a few more minutes without me.

(Note to Capt. JP - haven't seen the Gormleys yet but I want to!)


Langstone Cutters said...

What o'clock meetings? Silly o'clock!

bonnie said...

Silly o'clock indeed!

At least they left the doors open at the boathouse where the meeting was.

JP said...

Looking forward to hearing what you think of them!